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GEAR MECHANISM has been designing and producing various gears for the fields of aerospace, medical, automobile, educational products, robots, AI automated systems, pumping and so on since 1990. They also extend their product line to plastic parts and silicone, rubber parts.

In 2012, GEAR MECHANISM progressed further and co-founded a business group, IDP CORPORATION LTD, with close partners to synergise the capabilities and resources of each associate business to offer customers an integrated service which includes design, production, assembly and testing.

GEAR MECHANISM, working together with IDP, offers the following items with high quality and competitive pricing:
-Plastic Gears, Brass Gears, Sintered Gears
-Injection Molding Plastic Parts
-Silicone, Rubber Parts
-Gearboxes, Gearmotors
-Linear Actuators


Services: Gearboxes,Gear Pumps,Linear Actuators,Plastic Gears,Helical Gears,Sintered Gears,Brass Gears,Silicone Parts