Bevel Gear

-Most economical way to change transmitting direction.

-Two operating shafts are usually 90 degrees apart, and can be also designed to work at other angles as well.

-Gear profile can be designed to be straight, spiral, and hypoid for different functions

-Include crown gear where the pitch cone angle of the bevel gear is 90 degrees.

Specifications we proudce:
Gear Type: Bevel Gear
Material: Polyacetal(POM)
  Sintered Metal
  Carbon Steel
  Stainless Steel
Module: M0.3~M2.0
Outer Diameter: Ø5.0mm - Ø100.0mm
Pressure Angle: 20°
Face Width: 2.0mm - 20.0mm
Center Feature: Hubless Bore
  Split Hub
  Threaded Bore
  Intergal Shaft
  Set Screw

Plastic Gears 1170060